New to Smoked Salts?


Once you begin incorporating our smoked salts into your recipes, we’re confident that you’ll start dreaming up endless uses—and even wonder what you ever did without them!

Each of our Salts adds a unique and aromatic flame-grilled touch to your dishes. And depending on what kind of smoky flavor you’re craving, from extra bold to sweet to bring-the-heat, we’ve got it.


Before you make your purchase, here are a few tidbits of useful information. First, you’re in the right place. All of our smoked salts are cold-smoked with untreated wood—no artificial flavors or colors added. Our whole line is all natural and kosher certified. Second, once you smell it, you’re going to want to go nuts with it; but remember that it’s still salt. Start light and taste. The balance is truly magical. The rich salinity enhances the dishes’ natural flavors, while the smoke intensifies the savory essence roused by an open flame—even if it wasn’t.


As a dry rub for meats:

Use it alone or combine it with a variety of spices. Roll ahi tuna or salmon in the rub before pan searing or plank roasting. Transform your homemade burger patties by adding it to your ground beef spice combo. Seal in moisture and add flavor to roasted chicken. For extra brawn, use it with steak or ribs before throwing them on the grill.

As a substitute for bacon crumble:

Vegetarians, rejoice! Sprinkle it on deviled eggs, a salad, or in a homemade vinaigrette dressing. Don’t compromise the full-flavored punch - or crunch - that bacon brings to the table.

As the savory to your sweet:

No need to choose between sweet or savory when you can have both. Grind it over hot buttered popcorn or homemade toffee fudge. Add a delectable toasted crunch to salted caramel ice cream. Complement the sweet and crank up the smoky by adding it to roasted peaches with bourbon syrup. Is your mouth watering yet?

For a better snack:

Add it to a meaty, ripe sliced tomato or sprinkle it over a bowl of sweet, juicy melon. Nibble on smoked salt-roasted pumpkin seeds or a smoked salt-garnished caramel apple this fall and wonder why you’ve never done it this way before.

In sauces and garnishes:

Shake it over soft butter for corn on the cob and finish homemade BBQ sauce with a pinch—or two. It’s a welcome treat for southern cooking, the backyard BBQ, and chili cook offs.

On potatoes and pastas:

Mash it into baked sweet potatoes or a favorite potato salad recipe. And for savory sensor overload, use it as a finish for a rich, creamy pasta or macaroni-and-cheese.

For Breakfast:

Enhance the hearty in your breakfast with a dash in your scramble or dusted over your eggs benedict—a pure delight with thick slices of avocado.

For Cocktails:

Smoked salt may be the best thing for the Bloody Mary since the pickle, and it’s an almost-too-perfect complement to the Mezcal Margarita—or any margarita for that matter!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with our different smoked salt varieties! Dinner guests love the option of adding their own and trying them all. Taste, compare, and enjoy! Everyone has a favorite!

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